# You are losing customers; you don't just know it

Customer (10:38 am): Hello, Can you deliver to O’mark Bus stop Lagos?

Seller (11:01 am): Yes we can

Customer (11:20 am): Today, right?

Customer (11:21 am): What’s the cost — small chops

Seller (11:40 am): It has to be tomorrow

Seller (11:40 am): Orders are placed a day before

Customer (11:47 am): Oh… Okay

Does the conversation above look familiar? Are you like this seller above? I have been the customer in a conversation similar to the one above and I can tell you the chances of going back to this seller are very slim. This is the conversation I would have expected:

Customer (11:00:01 am): Hello, Can you deliver to O’mark Bus stop Lagos?

Seller (11:00): Yes, we can. What will you like to order, sir?

Seller (11:01 am): Please note that orders for today have been taken already and orders taken now will be delivered tomorrow.

Customer (11:02 am): Oh… Okay

What’s the difference between both conversation:

  1. I get a faster response in the second scenario than the first. This will prevent me from getting tired of waiting and possibly getting angry.

  2. I got a heads-up about the limitation of placing orders. This will enable me to plan adequately. If I wanted a quick delivery, I will start making plans for something.

  3. If the conversation was automated, the Seller won’t need to take his/her eyes off whatever he/she is doing to reply to a deal that might not be successful based on order limitations, etc.

Many businesses today give their customers the same or even worse experience when trying to purchase goods and services. I came across a tweet recently where someone made a comparison between the popular "dm for price" and walking to the checkout stand of a supermarket to ask for the price of everything you are about to pick off the shelf 😞😞. This and many other sad experiences are what customers face daily. Some may stick with you because you are the only one offering the service(s) or you offer your service(s) at a cheaper rate. This and many more reasons could be why you are currently losing customers or have none at all. But sadly, you just don’t know it yet!

Now you are thinking, I will employ one or maybe ten people to manage my social media platforms. Well, that works but how effective is that? We have to sleep; we can’t reply 2 or more users simultaneously and yes! the cost of having people do this for you is high.

# Chatbot to the rescue

Technology today is growing at a sufficient rate and it is becoming better, easier and cheaper to provide better customer services. One miracle of Technology today is chatbots, while I won’t dig deep into chatbots today, I wrote an article sometimes back explaining in depth what a and how it is the future to scale your business here. With the help of chatbots, we can achieve the kind of conversations customers hope to get in little or no time.

Chatbots would respond immediately to customers, accept and respond to multiple customers simultaneously, notify you immediately about orders, engage and re-engage with your customers at any time of the day without recurring cost and many more. Cool fact, you can personalize the experience for your users (see video below), suggest products to your users based on their purchase history and integrate with major social media platforms e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Assistant e.t.c.

You can use a chatbot to give your customers a better experience, from e-commerce to customer service and even banking. Domino’s, Lyft, U.B.A, Lara, Kudi e.t.c are some examples of companies using Chatbots now. You can get a Chatbot for business today. Say hello to us via mail hi@softnexus.co.

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