# Iteration is Key for Product's success

Not every iteration leads to product success. Yet, without iterations, No successful business or products ever succeeds or remain in business without listening to users’ needs and iterating its products to address that need.

Every product solves a problem, but successful products in my interpretation are products that the users accept and solve the user’s problem. 137,000 startups are formed or created every day. But 90% of new startups fail in 2020 read more

There are many causes behind this, like poor management, little capital, A poor team,little or no understanding of the market, and many more. One key reason is that we pay little or no attention to the users’ needs and feedback. Sometimes we as founders propose a solution to a problem by creating a product, and we dump it in the market expecting some faithful and yielding return. There is never a final product, or a final solution, sometimes your intended solution to a problem might not be the best, and even if it is the best solution, there can be more improvements, user demands are insatiable, and while you are not listening to them and iterating, competitors are listening to them.

In a world constantly changing in its demands and ever-increasing competition, iteration is compulsory for product success. Listening to your customers is key to product iterations. Google still iterates, Apple iterates. Most of the Fortune 500 companies listed still iterates even till today. Successful companies iterate their products, designs, technology, message, policies, laws to satisfy user demands.

Google, for instance, has been iterating for over 20 years, from introducing new features like user personalization to spring cleaning, all successful business iterates, there is always an extra feature or a fix to solve users.

Lean Startup methodology
Lean startup

Sometimes the reason businesses do not iterate because they lack manpower to build and update existing products, we at Softnexus love to build products that last and succeed, let’s help you iterate and scale.

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